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What members love most about Iron Root Fitness:


"That it’s not a 'gym'.

"The trainers expertise and individual attention to detail."

"Inclusivity, community, atmosphere."

Are you ready to feel strong & capable?

Our Small Group Training Program is built on full body functional strength & conditioning principles with an emphasis on glute and core strength + stability. This provides us with the building blocks necessary to create a strong, capable and healthy body that allows you to take your fitness in any direction. 

Our Classes :

At Iron Root, we believe in moving with purpose and training for life.

By being intentional with our workouts AND our recovery, we are able to avoid the inevitable burnout that comes with the all-or-nothing mentality. We want to support you in pursuing a lifetime of athleticism. That's why  we offer a variety of classes that both challenge and restore you - so you can keep doing the things you love outside the gym FOR LIFE.


BootCamp + Burn

The goal of this program is to help change the way you look and change the way you feel by challenging the way you move.

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Yoga + Pilates

Supplement your group training with Yoga & Pilates to improve flexibility, strength and mental wellness for a well-rounded mind and body.

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Saturday 10am

Start your weekend right with our Saturday Trainer of the Week Class!

Enjoy a different class and trainer every Saturday at 10am

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Our trainers

Our classes are led by expert trainers working hard to not only make you better, but also to make sure you’re moving correctly. It's our priority to keep you safe while progressing towards your goals.  We know that when we move better, we feel better and are more motivated to keep going. 


  • 1:1 Intro Session 

  • Goal Setting

  • Accountability check-ins

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Unlimited Group Classes

1 payment $450 or 3 payments of $180

Let us help you reach your goals

We want to help you find the right balance and routine that's best for you and your goals! That's why we're including a goal setting session and accountability check-ins along the way so that you can make sure you're getting the MOST out of your time with us. We strongly believe that having the right mindset and a realistic & actionable plan in place is KEY to getting the results you really want. And we don’t stop there, we're going to give you nutrition strategies to maximize your results. 


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You Belong here

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